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About Me

Jake Durborow is a game artist with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Game Design from George Mason University. He sets his focus on the two-dimensional artistic side of game design, chiefly character concepting and digital art. He also served as the art director of George Mason University’s Game Analysis and Design Interest Group (GADIG), having managed development over four separate projects made by the team. Jake has contributed art assets (from character art to UI art) to a myriad of projects for college classes and outside parties. Projects of note include a virtual reality exhibit of 15th century weapon-based fighting styles and techniques, commissioned by a third party historian, as well as an augmented reality medical training application made for a company affiliated with the United States Army.

Before coming to George Mason University, Jake had his sights set on artwork as a career since his days in grade school. He has worked each day to improve his artistic skills, and hopes to continue to do so in a career that will challenge and inspire his creative mind.

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